Occulter Handmade Jewelry

Occulter touts itself as “a private salon and exchange project hosted by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons.” Featuring really unique, hand made pieces by local NYC artists, Occulter has a fine selection of jewelry that I find to be very interesting. I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry, but these make me think twice about that.

Golden Cottonmouth with Scarf by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, features a screen printed gauze scarf threaded through a gold snake head. Described as:

The Cottonmouth is a unique scarf adornment and a highly detailed sculpture by Derrick R. Cruz.
Limited edition of 100.
24k gold over solid bronze

The Friday Necklace by Langoliers

Hand-knit oxidized silver plated brass chain with oxidized copper closures.
The Friday’s tapered Y-shape is composed of two bands which gradually condense into a single six-cabled strand. The stitches suggest a delicate chain-mail armor, and incorporate the numerology and organic patterns of the I Ching.

Double Jupiter Bracelet by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

This is a mirroring of the astronomical symbol for the planet Jupiter.
Signifying expansion, abundance and celebrating the Sun-Jupiter conjunction of April of 2011.

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