Bittersweets Vampire Friendship Rings

The perfect way to dress up any outfit is with some subtle/not so subtle vampire teeth jewelry from Bittersweets. You can go for the chunky version of the ring, or get the friendship ring set and give it to your best chum or progeny. Or you can go with a necklace charm version, and of course the swankier hinged version. These pieces are well crafted and it’s nice to see some vampire swag that isn’t Twilight branded.

Bittersweets NY was created in 2002 by a girl who used to work at a foundry, welding and finishing art for famous people and housewives. In order to pay rent, she found a warehouse in Long Island City where she could live cheaply and still bike to work. The ground floor was home to a mysterious night club that switched from topless, to full nudity, to salsa, as if on schedule. After 2 plus years living in the lap of spacious luxury, and wanting to avoid comparisons to Flashdance, the Long Island City experiment gave way to a new adventure on a distant island. She abandoned her former life at the foundry, and started making miniature sculptures in her new tiny apartment: thus embarking on an accidental jewelry career.

The idea behind Bittersweets NY is making something exquisite out of the everyday objects and designs that are taken for granted. Why reinvent the wheel? The first project, Bloodlust Princess, was a matching necklace, beltbuckle, tiara and mini ashtray set based on a set of dollar store Vampire Teeth available once a year for Halloween.

The sterling silver Heart n Dagger was inspired by true love, of course. The Maggots, Earthworm and Twigs stay within the ideology of borrowing a design from another tried and true source…nature.

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