.: Style Icons :.

YSL (Saint Laurent Music Project)

Fashion and music go together, they say. Nothing proves thatread more»

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Up In The Air

Fresh off their latest record, Up In The Air isread more»
Freaker USA .: Accessories :.

Freaker USA

- by
While we were attending the MAGIC Market Week, which is the largest global market week for contemporary men’s and women’s apparel, we came across the fun folks from Freakers USA showing off their wares. I’d heard of them before, but getting to meet the Freakers crew in person was aread more»

Face Off season 6 episode 14 .: Beauty :.

Face Off season 6 episode 14

- by
Last week when we left Face off the artists had to jump right into another challenge, they are driven to a set and must create a Werewolf not only do they have to create a Werewolf but it be from the same world as the Vampire they created last week.read more»

London Edge .: Events :.

London Edge

- by
We’re all saving our pennies right now to go to Europe next year because we the London Edge fashion trade show looks like the best fashion place on earth. Basically, it is a convention for people who sell cool clothes. There is nothing we like better than cool clothes, except&read more»

Games of Thrones 33 .: Media :.

Games of Thrones 33

- by
It is hard to imagine what Game of Thrones can do to one up the death of the King, but it is Sunday and time to find out what they have in store for us this week. Of course the angry Mama wants to go right after Sansa but luckilyread more»

Walktopus Candle Holder .: Decor :.

Walktopus Candle Holder

- by
Artist Scott Musgrove is now offering his Walktopus sculpture as a limited edition candle holder. Limited to 32 pieces, 20″ tall and with a price tag of $4000 it’s sure to catch everyone’s eye as it sits upon your dining table. That’s where I’d put mine anyway. I would loveread more»

.: Couture & Pret-a-Porter :.

Paula Cheng

Paula Cheng -by
I know we saw Paula Cheng exhibiting at the WWDMagic fashion trade show. I think she was in the emerging designers showcase in the Tents at Project, but I can’tread more»

Pop Murder

Pop Murder -by
We checked out Hollywood’s Pop Murder designs when they exhibited in the Pool section of the MAGIC apparel trade show. Pop Murder does T-shirts, tank tops, leggings, and hoodies. Theirread more»
.: Custom & DIY :.

Mother of London on Basketball Wives

Mother of London on Basketball Wives -by
Laura Govan from VH1′s Basketball Wives gave herself an edgy Gothic styled look on the reunion show by wearing a fantastic leather ruffle collar bustier jacket by Mother of London.read more»

Raygun Robyn Tentacle Hoodie

Raygun Robyn Tentacle Hoodie -by
What’s cooler than getting your geek on with a major late night shopping spree on Thinkgeek (come on you know you’ve done it)? How about getting your tentacles on aread more»
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  • How To Destroy Angels – Ice Age

  • Coheed and Cambria – Dark Side Of Me (Official Video)

  • V80 Girl Power

  • MOD MAGAZINE: Gothic and Glamour, Volume 2, Issue 1

  • Michael James: Pale Powder Foundation

  • Cradle of Filth – Frost on Her Pillow

  • Mirroir Vita

  • Kandia – Into your Hands

  • Snuttock – Endless Rituals

  • How To Destroy Angels – How Long?

  • Glam Rock Magazine | Winter 2013 Issue 15

  • YSL (Saint Laurent Music Project)

  • True Blood 6.2 The Sun

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